Psychotherapy: the "What"

There is no perfect life; not mine, not yours, and there will always be aspects of us and of our lives that we wish were more "perfect." Therapy as I see it is about making people stronger, more comfortable, more confident, and more able to enjoy whatever is good.

For 30 years I had a general practice helping people to achieve relief from symptoms, get beyond detours and "stuck" places, restore and renew life after shocks and losses, and increase gratification in relationships and in everyday life.

Increasingly now I am involved in working with clients who have long-standing troublesome issues and a possible history of deficits or trauma in their early life experience. Though most people enter treatment because of a current problem, many of the people I'm working with would say they recognized before therapy that early troubles might be compromising their present coping or problem-solving abilities, as well as their ability to enjoy life.

I have an eclectic approach that is psychodynamic, psycho-educational, interpersonal and/or ego-state oriented, as the situation warrants and according to what seems comfortable for my client.

You can have a look at other sections of my website to get a sense of the range of my experience and training, and what approaches I can offer.

You and I will decide together what diagnosis I am using for insurance purposes, but I will also tell you what I think about your difficulties in terms of temperament, and in terms of any relevant recent knowledge about neurology, attachment, and trauma.